2002 12: The Journey to Uzbekistan

This covers leaving Denver, processing in Houston, the flights, Tashkent, and getting to Karshi-Khanabad Airbase.

Going back over these while migrating them from the old phpbb forum I noticed a few things that I mis-noticed at the time of writing or now know not to be quite true, having have more exposure to Uzbekistan, but I am leaving them in to more properly document what I saw and what I thought about it.

  • Part VII: Some Time at the Tashkent Airport
  • Part I: The Background
  • Part II: Houston
  • Part III: Still Houston
  • Part IV: Across the Pond
  • Part V: Visiting My Friend Stan and Tashkent
  • Part VI: A Wander Through Tashkent
  • Part VIII: Finally Karshi
  • Part IX: The Camp at K2
  • Part X: The Job
  • Part XI: Off the Job