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‘nuther Dubai Update Part II

Friday, July 8th, 2005

Man, have I been busy. Got internet at the flat a couple of days ago. I currently am using the laptop on the bar of the kitchen counter, so you will have to forgive me if I do not post anything of great length.

I decided to go ahead and break down and buy some stuff so the place will be more livable when Guli gets here. What did I get? A Plasma TV — I asked for a Plasma rifle in the 40 watt range but they just blank-looked me — and nifty home theatre thingy. It was expensive. I also got a microwave, but it was not. Then I spent approximately 4 days in IKEA, the Swedish Hell-store. I got a TV stand, a desk-table, and a chair. So I don’t know if that’s really more livable, but it is more entertaining. The sum total of furniture aside from that is a mattress and box spring, and two of those cloth covered camp chairs. Ok, so one of them is less functional than one would hope. You just can’t lean on the arm of those things. My density was the undoing of the arm’s destiny. It is of course still fully usable for sitting. I am only so much of a fatass, though I wish you wouldn’t refer to me that way, or I will come over to your house and demonstrate my extensive knowledge of application of force and mass in a nonviolent yet life-threatening fashion. Anyway, enough of your silly threats, I am going to bed. I have been standing for hours now, and the morn is creeping inexorably forward.

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