The Other Ozymandias

or…Other Ozymandii, as There’s So Darned Many of Them!

Well, it doesn’t appear that I’m unique with my interest in the poem / concept / name of Ozymandias. Way back in 1996 when I first started a site for our mocking hero, I could only find about 3 other sites. This does not count mere recitations of the poem itself. I don’t really count that. It hardly takes any creativity or even necessarily much actual interest.

Those sites are all gone now, but they have a new generation that is much larger, and at least some of them are significantly more creative. is run by a guy who works for Microsoft (hey it’s ripe with Ozian irony, or appropriateness, depending on your point of view!) doing XBox stuff.

Ozymandias was the name of a movie made by Strange Company using the LithTech engine. They asked me my opinion on it while they were making it, which I thought was an appropriate show of respect.

Amon-Ozymandias, which is of all things, a cattery in Italy. I am a cat fan, but Persians just look like they’ve been surprised with a punch in the face.

Ozymandias the pianist. Can’t say I’ve heard of him, but the site was appropriately arty.

Ozymandias the Flickr group, who specialize in graveyard and cemetary photos. I didn’t see any Egyptian statuary so not much of a dim nod to the past roots was made. Nobody could get an Ozian shot of any sort?

More Luxor Feet for Ozymandias

Really, how hard is that?

Broken Statue in Luxor for Ozymandias

Ok, it’s not from the Ramesseum, which was closed that day. I was heartbroken.

Ozymandias over at Didn’t see anything on the site itself obviously Oz-related other than the name. Seemed to be largely about Jewish issues and the Middle East.

16 Different Readings of Ozymandias for when a little variety just isn’t enough.

The planet Ozymandias as a SciFi resource or role playing game of some sort. Looks like Jupiter, to me.

Ozymandias’ Sabotage Handbook. Since it advocates eco-terrorism I’m not going to link it.

Ozy’s Castle, which is a blog with some stuff about beer, computers, and motorcycles. No other apparent Oz-link except for the handle of the admin.

The Annotated Watchmen is about the graphic novel series with an Ozymandias character.

Cummings Study Guides does the Ozymandias poem, with some good information well-laid out. with all the information you could ever possibly want to know, but it doesn’t stop there. Holy moly! I’m a biographer now? :)

I reckon that’s a good overview. Most of the rest of the entries that you’ll find have little, if anything, to do with Ozymandias other than somebody liking the name or a simple display of the poem itself with no commentary nor anything of interest.

2 Responses to “The Other Ozymandias”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Dude, have you read “Watchmen”? If you haven’t, seriously, please do. Now I love the Shelley poem, don’t get me wrong. Who would’ve known irony and sonnets go together like PB&J? (Don’t let that quip influence your decision :) ) But dude. Watchmen. Ozymandias is my favorite character in the book, which is why I’m so highly recommending it. Check it out. Especially as an appreciator of Rameses II, you’ll get a personal kick out of parts of it. It’s on Time’s list of the 100 greatest novels. To reiterate for the umpteenth time, you should read it. 😀

  2. Ann Says:

    I’m studying this poem for an english class and your pictures really helped me to see what the statue actually looks like.

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