Some things different, ‘atween US and THEM!

Ok, so consider having lunch at work. What do you think of? Going out to lunch with your co-workers? That one guy who says “anywhere is fine” and proceeds to shoot down every suggestion as unacceptable? (Hey MB! Wink ) Jeez, I could stand some Benny’s chips and salsa, followed by the Mighty J No Lettuce! Fuck this, I’m leaving! Laughing

Or do you think of bringing in something from home? Some leftovers from last night you heat up in the microwave, or a sandwich that while uninspired, gets the job done. Maybe a frozen meal. But in both of these cases, you are mainly taking care of yourself.

Not so the Uzbeks. These kids have some community spirit that takes an interesting form. They bring in jars and containers of stuff and make full meals. Consider it to be the daily potluck instead of one you might have every several weeks. They set up tables and chairs, cook up (well, heat up) the food, plates and forks and stuff just come out of nowhere and you’ve got a family-style meal! I saw a particularly good example of this the other day, which is what made me think to mention this.

These guys even set up benches and tables outside! In front of the right-most guy is actually a grill-type object that had a fairly good flame going at one point. This will happen each and every day, it’s not just special occasions. They don’t get to eat in the DFAC (Dining FACility) so bring in their own stuff. I’m not sure if they make exceptions for the DFAC workers or not. Maybe that bunch should be required to eat in the DFAC. Very Happy I don’t think we prolly have the same issues with that like you might see in more Middle-Eastern deserts. The folks here don’t want to launch a jihad against us….they just want jobs.

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