Ever Feel Like Nothing Works?

Bah, at least you can go down to the store and buy a new one. It’s just one of those days — actually a rarity for what that’s worth. Bunch of little stuff ruthlessly self-destructing today. A couple of other things that shouldn’t bother me are, and another situation is complicating itself. Wah.

Anyways, speaking of work…so I’m standing up on top of the conex today that Mr. Satellite Dish is perched on. This is shortly after the ladder decides to slip in the loose rock. I made it onto the conex instead of the ground, but Mr. Shin is all swole up and generally unpleasant to associate with. I’m watching our locals dig a trench. They have these really trendy blue uniforms except for the foreman, who has the Green Uniform of Command and A Nifty Hat of Managing. An Uzbek shovel consists of your standard shovel head with a tree stuck into it. By that I mean not the standard size stick you might expect to see in the states but a big knotty, irregular length “hey let’s cut this one down it’s sorta straight” type of handle. They had a backhoe dig the trench and now are getting the leftover dirt out. Two guys carrying a stretcher type object made of wood are functioning as wheelless wheelbarrow totin’ guys. In this trench, one of the Shovel Engineers (no, really they don’t know about that kind of silliness, he’s just a laborer) is wearing a jacket. Not a regular jeezI’mcold jacket, but a dressy kind of jacket. Now I don’t know the difference between a sport coat and suit jacket, nor do I really care. But is either one of those appropriate for trench digging? I think not.

AR!Sorry about that. I just found that oddly amusing whilst standing on top of the conex, surveying the width and breadth of my kingdom. This was from late afternoon to early evening time. As it got dark, I saw a New Thing on the horizon. There’s some refineries over to the SW. Either that or a bunch of things are on fire. Fire’s pretty neat, each of you should set something on fire at some point in your life. No, getting beat for playing with matches does not count. Also, if I had a lawyer, they would prolly suggest that I mention you should not set other people’s property or their…selves on fire. Just burn all the small things you can get your hands on.

That reminds me of a couple of fire-related phrases I’ve seen around.

“People seem brighter when you set them on fire.”

“Give a man a fire and he’s warm for the night.
Light a man on fire and he’s warm for the rest of his life.”

This isn’t strictly related, but just occurred to me to mention, and if you’ve read this stuff before you’ll know I can’t seem to resist those types of temptations. Anyways, who is Will, and why do we always fire at him?

One Response to “Ever Feel Like Nothing Works?”

  1. Imported Comments Says:

    From Vermont Yankee: 

    Mr. Shin should be nicer to you. There were times when Mr. Head was the one who was unhappy and “swole up.” If I’m not mistaken, cement steps and playground swings can be dangerous too!

    Was the distraction that causes the ladder to slip the same type of distraction that was associated with the cement steps?

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