Westward Bound

Looks like I am on track to get out of here. Heading to Tashkent Thursday, and Saturday I fly to Frankfurt and then on to Kuwait City. I’m not sure if we just MILAIR out of there or there are intermediate steps. I’ll be going to work up in northern Iraq, at the Mosul airbase. I will document as I can, but it may take time to get anything written up and posted, much less any pics.

8 Responses to “Westward Bound”

  1. Robert Says:

    Nah, that’ll be part of in-processing in Kuwait. It’s okay though, I already have a thick skull. 😀

  2. Robert Says:

    In Kuwait now. It’s a dusty craphole. I picked up my nifty armor and bucket. I’m the only one heading to Mosul, so I can’t play sheep and follow someone along. Some of the new hires seem so worried and terrified. I wonder how many of them will make it that first 4 months…

  3. Robert Says:

    Nah, the only damage is to my sense of non-boredom as I wait ever so patiently for a bird into Mosul. It’s milair only, particularly as that’s so far up there. I am assured that I will be on one tomorrow. That’s the third day for that. :) They are going to have to shit or get off the pot, since this base (APOD) is closing down around us.

  4. Robert Says:

    It’s only a shifting — APOD is closing down after I leave (no shit 8O) and the KBR folks are going to head to our other place here around town or down to Dubai, which is where we will be transiting in and out from as of…now. Not a bad place to start your R&R and wind it down, but hopefully it is not a camp situation. If so, oh well…

  5. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    Keep your head down. Did you get any body armor and helmet? Everyone seems to expect things to turn to shit by the end of the month and again near the US election…

  6. Imported Comments Says:

    From TJ:

    good luck, rob. drop us a line whenever you can.

  7. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    Dude… Are you ok? CNN reported a convoy getting hit around the time it looked like you were going to be heading in-country.

  8. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    I think (hope) we’ll be seeing a lot of base closures around there…

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