Decisions and Value Judgements

I decided something today, and there is something associated with that that I am as of yet undecided on.

I was in my container this morning, and heard a whistling whirring noise. This is when I decided to check out my floor. I think I need to clean it. It’s getting to be just like home, I am spreading clothes out all over the place. Primarily that’s just because I only got the damn footlockers here two days ago, and I am still in “put this here, or there” phase. Still, with my new container-home, and my stuff finally arriving, it’s almost like living in a real place.

So anyway, when nothing came through the walls I stepped outside and meandered to the bunker. We started doing the accountability thing over the radio. I was standing just outside the entrance to the bunker with two other guys. BANG WHOOSH WHIRRRRRRRRR “oops! IN! IN!” WHIIRRRR BOOM! Shocked We developed a united sense of purpose. That was the first time I’d ever actually heard the launch before. They tossed another two at us a couple of minutes apart. The fourth one went whir but not boom, and I think they may have felt discouraged, because they stopped firing after that. I’m all for stomping on some aggressive shithead’s sense of self-esteem. I mean, I’d rather have large (or small, that works pretty good too) holes poked in them to let their anger drain out onto the sidewalk with all the crap that makes them dangerous, but sometimes those little small victories are all you get.

The part I can’t really decide about is whether I prefer rockets over mortars. Rockets give you some kind of lead time, since they make noise coming in. With mortars, shit just blows up, and you don’t get much chance to do anything about that first one, or warning on follow up rounds. On the other hand, mortars tend to be a bit smaller. I’m on the fence on this one. On the whole of course, I’d rather they just knocked that crap off.

3 Responses to “Decisions and Value Judgements”

  1. Robert Says:

    Nah, didn’t have to dive into the bunker. Just meandered into it real quick-like, as if I had to be there a few minutes ago. Anyways, it’s all dust and rock down there. It’s a strange feeling, because you do have time to think about it. “Boy, I hope this one isn’t headed for my neighborhood.” If you are in the bunker area, you have time to get in, if you aren’t, you won’t make it to the bunker anyways. That’s my point about how rockets in some ways more target-friendly, since they announce “hey, I just wanted you to know I’m on the way, be there shortly” and give you a little time to react. Mortars are like Jehovah’s Witnesses standing on your doorstep — when you know they are there, it’s already too late.

  2. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    Elbow pads? I always bang up my elbows when I dive into bunkers. Maybe after you clean up you can find some good elbow pads.

    I’m the kind of person who, back when I was living in San Diego, would notice the world start shaking in an earthquake and then sit back and enjoy the whole thing. Hey look, the clock is walking off the shelf! I wonder if the fridge is going to turn much, or if the door will open and my cokes will tumble out?

    Then after it’s over, I start thinking things like “gee maybe it woulda been smarter to get under the table or go outside.” So I’m not sure if hearing the rockets before they go boom would do me any good. It might be more “Hmm another rocket, but that one sounds sorta weird…” BOOM! Oh yea, floor, me, appointment, and I’m late. Right.

  3. Imported Comments Says:

    From OldPro:

    Re: “I really should clean up my room.”

    Or not.

    Sometimes it’s good to have a nice soft layer of dirty clothes and stuff on the floor to land on. You’ll be glad it’s there when you wake up on the floor because your sleeping self heard the whoosh and decided you needed to be on the floor.

    Of course, I’m always looking for a good rationalization for not doing house cleaning, so I’m probably projecting.

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