Back in the Middle East

I’m out of Malaysia and now in Dubai. I may be stuck here for a little while maybe, don’t know. There is a halt on civilian air traffic right now, and we can’t fly milair at this time either. I won’t have any of the write-ups posted until I can get back to Mosul and download my notes and pics to my machine there.

In a nutshell, had a good time after I got over KBR screwing me so badly, got engaged, hung out in the water, and my pasty whiteboy self got sunburned. Peeling now, but as it always goes I can’t peel effectively on my back, but I am compelled to try. Malaysia is pretty cheap, I recommend it.

4 Responses to “Back in the Middle East”

  1. Robert Says:

    You know, as in, well they don’t really have Elvis chapels here that I am aware of, but I guess I could always google for some. I suspect they don’t have any at all in Uz, so I won’t even check that. I’m not very sure on any whens and wheres due to limitations imposed by

    my current employer.

    We’ll just have to see.

  2. Robert Says:

    Well, teehee…you’re gonna have to! 😉 Seriously though, come time to go home, I was already planning to tour the US and it would be a good time to find out nowhereever you guys live.

  3. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    Got engaged… Er… As in “her conversation was engaging so I remained interested for some time” or as in “We’re engaged, so expect wedding invites as soon as we find the nearest elvis chapel”?

  4. Imported Comments Says:

    From Betsy:

    Congrats from the Montana clan! I can’t wait to meet her!

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