Daily Danger In Iraq

I usually play off the danger here, so as not to scare folks, but today it hit home just how bad things can be here. In a quirk of timing, we got some footage just as an incident occurred. This footage is not for the faint of heart nor weak of continence, but does illustrate the very real everyday dangers we face here. I’m just glad we aren’t out there on the streets.

Short video, about 800k. More visually stunning when set to repeat.

2 Responses to “Daily Danger In Iraq”

  1. Robert Says:

    That kind of stuff happens to people every day here — you just don’t always get it on film. The truth has to get out to the people!

  2. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    That’s so sick. Would that have happened if the media wasn’t right there and willing to whore the video around the world in the name of higher ratings? Er I mean “getting the truth out”? Just because he has a camera doesn’t automatically exempt him from status as a collaborator. Or is that collander… Anyhow, bloodsucking media whores get the finger. pbbththtth

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