I’m OK

It hasn’t hit the news yet but I’m sure it will soon. There was a bang over at the other Mosul site. Don’t have much information as of yet, but it sounds ugly.

(Ed. note — this was the suicide bombing of the DFAC over at Marez that killed 22 people. Initial news reports were that it was a mortar/rocket attack but we were listening to the radio traffic and they knew it was something else fairly quickly.)

11 Responses to “I’m OK”

  1. Robert Says:

    Thanks folks. Be out soon, no worries.

  2. Robert Says:

    Actually, yesterday I shaved and got a haircut, so I don’t look like that anymore. I mean, I still look like an idiot, just not so furry.

  3. Robert Says:

    Yeah, not near so bad there loss of life wise as other places, but I’ve seen pictures and they have some cleaning up to do. Trying to figure out what to do exactly about going there. It’s still 5-6 weeks out, so it’d probably be ok, but not sure…

  4. Imported Comments Says:

    From Betsy:

    I’m glad you posted because when I saw it on the news this morning I was worried that it might’ve been where you are. It’s nice to know you’re okay!

  5. Imported Comments Says:

    From -cman-:

    So glad you’re okay. Thought of you instantly and think of you often anyway.

    Merry Cristmas you Dweeb!

  6. Imported Comments Says:

    From Anonymous Reader BerwynIL:

    Glad to hear you are ok. Merry Xmas.

    Anonymous Reader

  7. Imported Comments Says:

    From Aanvil:

    I just heard about it… and came here to check on ya.

    Glad you are ok!

  8. Imported Comments Says:

    From Boris Badenov:

    Been on christmas break, no internet. Thought I might have to step in and be Regent o Regents for a second. Glad you’re ok, don’t think I’m ready for that kind of responsability. Merry Christmas.

  9. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    Glad you’re ok. Like the new avatar pic. Santa gave me skype for christmas and it’s neat because it works and they don’t make you enter in all sorts of personal info to get it to work either.

  10. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    I’m glad you weren’t vacationing in Phuket this week… Ouch. CNN reports 21000 dead in the region and of course that number will go up.

  11. Imported Comments Says:

    From Eagl:

    Tradeoff… Go there, put a few bucks into the local tourism industry, maybe help get them back on their feet, but a lot of the facilities and infrastructure is damaged or destroyed so it may be a subsistance-living sort of visit. Or wait and go later when they’re back up and running near full speed, and see what new stuff they put up to replace the old stuff that’s gone now.

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