Email Subscriptions Now Active

Well, at least they appear to be. A certain select group of test victims has been dragooned into service, and we’ll see how this goes and whether they still speak to me afterwards. :)

I’m sure there will be some tweakage of settings. It looks like it’s better to be actually registered on the site, as then you have more control over the type of mail (HTML/plain text excerpts/plain text full post) and if you’re interested in only specific categories.

6 Responses to “Email Subscriptions Now Active”

  1. Robert Says:

    I’ve added some formatability to the comments. Just gotta figure out why the damn buttons are so big. :redface_wp:

  2. eagl Says:

    Oh my god those buttons are big. 😯

    You can see them from orbit. Great Wall, move over baby.

  3. Robert Says:

    Yeah, but it does work at least.

  4. eagl Says:

    Functioning properly is good. I am particularly impressed with how the buttons make popups that sneek by the ie7 and google toolbar popup blockers. Technical marvel, wot.

  5. Robert Says:

    Pop ups don’t get blocked if you click on them, only if a new window if generated in the page somewhere. This is just an “open target in new window” link that you’ve chosen to click on. :idea_wp:

    I actually have 2 potential solutions for the formatting:  If I can get the other editor that is used for writing posts / pages to be used in comments, then that’s great; or figure out the buttons issue for a less powerful editor in comments.  It’s workable now but it’s kinda ugly.  I think I’d prefer option 1, if it’s doable.

  6. Robert Says:

    Ok, I fixed the buttons by reading the next step of the instructions (DOH!) and threw in register / login buttons at the Leave a Reply section with some text that (probably too wordily) explains the situation.

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