Back Home from Uzbekistan

Well, we had a nice little vacation where we didn’t do a whole lot. I didn’t take all that many pictures (619 total) and many of those are redundant so the number will shrink quickly and the editing time oughtn’t be too long. Aside from Tashkent and Karshi, where the millions of relatives reside, we only went to Shahrisabz, birthplace of our friend and yours, Amir Timur. Luckily we were able to use my recent surgery to good effect explaining why I couldn’t eat or drink so much, as otherwise they would be sure I was about to die of starvation. You couldn’t ask for a nicer family though, they’re great.

You will see pictures up in the Gallery soon and I might even whip up a trip report on it! :mrgreen: Incidentally, while I had stopped doing those, this format combined with the Gallery might make it much easier to do and get caught back up on. I’ve still been taking notes on all the trips so I’ll be able to use those.

2 Responses to “Back Home from Uzbekistan”

  1. wily Says:

    You asked to comment on the new site (reading your AGW sig).

    Aesthetically, it’s boring – not up to par with your almost-superlative writing.

    Sorry to hear about your medical problems. Glad you’re ok.


  2. Robert Says:

    Heh…it’s less aesthetically boring than the old one, to me at least. :) It’s a lot more useful all at once I think as well, though “the look” can be changed with what is supposed to be relative ease. I guess it isn’t that hard to do basic stuff, but a lot of the CSS stuff for me is more along the lines of “ok, what if I do this — uh oh, change that back!”

    PS – aww, schucks. 😉

    I think I’d also say that as a marketing weenie, you see it differently than me.  I’m not so great artistic / presentation-wise and I could probably spend forever hacking away for little gain, but as long as it’s useful and usable I’m happy enough.  I would say that maybe it’s a bit too blue.  I saw a site that had color groups and might change some day but I don’t recall where that was.

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