City of Dust

We’ve been having a nice dusting lately.  You can call it a dust or sand storm, because it’s brought on by high winds coming out of the Empty Quarter over by Saudi Arabia, but it’s not been a high wind situation for the most part.  The dust is primarily just hanging around, not sandblasting you.  The temperatures had also shot up 6-7 degrees Celsius, too.  Here’s a few pictures shot out the window and over the balcony.

2 Responses to “City of Dust”

  1. eagl Says:

    It gets a bit like that here in Korea when the “yellow dust” blows in. Nasty stuff, dust/sand, allergens, cow crap, etc. from the Gobi desert. It coats everything with a thick yellow dust that looks like pollen and carries diseases.

    Yucky stuff, one year it brought hoof and mouth disease and they set up decontamination sprayers on the roads to wash off cars so they wouldn’t spread it around as much. Dunno if that helped. Anytime the yellow dust gets bad there is a good chance livestock will get any number of diseases spread by the cow crap being blown around.

  2. Robert Says:

    We often get dusted but this has been hanging out for several days. Not much in the way of cows rounabout these here parts, so thankfully their poop doesn’t rain from the sky on us. :)

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