Bye Bye Dubai

Well, that day has come. The apartment is empty and the bags stuffed full. We’re on a plane tonight…for about a 24 hour travel cycle. We’ll stay on the move with mere 2 hour layovers in London and Chicago. We enjoyed our time here and it was a very good experience, and I’m a more well-rounded person because of it. (It was a desk job.)

3 Responses to “Bye Bye Dubai”

  1. Mary Huff Says:

    Bob and Guli-
    We would love to see you in your travels if you can fit us in. I know leaving is hard. We love you! Mary and Jim

  2. Robert Says:

    We’d love to. Everything’s up in the air right now though, so we’ll just have to see what lands where. Jim still needs to take us up, you know. :)

  3. Sally Stubbs Says:

    Thinking of you both and wishing you a very HAPPY 2010!!!
    (Aunt) Sally

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