Hola De Mexico!

We are in Mexico right now. We had to leave the country before spending too many days in the USA, because then we would lose the “working and living outside the country” tax exclusion, which would cost many thousands of dollars in taxes.

So far, we have gone cave diving, skycycled over the jungle and through some caverns, swam with dolphins, paid entirely too much for the picture and DVD package of that, snorkelled (swam, really) through more underground caverns and rivers, seen jaguars, pumas, iguanas, birds of all colors, met some Turkish people who’d lived in Dubai, done some ziplining, rappelling (a short one, to be sure), visited Mayan ruins by the sea,…well, it’s been a fun trip.

Interestingly enough, this is our first actual vacation in the Western Hemisphere. I don’t really count the 2 previous trips to the USA as they were more like visiting home than doing anything new or unusual. Though I guess you could say visiting home has become unusual.:lol:

3 Responses to “Hola De Mexico!”

  1. eagl Says:

    Sounds like fun! I had to do the out of the country bit for my wife’s taxes… Fortunately we were there almost exactly 2 years so we didn’t have to stretch the domicile test at all.

  2. Robert Says:

    Yeah, it was a real good trip. Now we’ll have to rely on some folks to get us processed and gone out again, who haven’t demonstrated good efficiency so far. Oh well.

  3. Dax Says:

    So where are you going this time? Or are you outprocessing (as in exiting)?

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