It’s A Small World

Apparently I never wrote this one first. Oops.

Sitting in the chow hall the other day — ok, it was well over a month ago. Probably close to two. Anyway, I’m sitting there minding my own business and enjoying the tasty, delicious food that the serving guys just can not give you reasonable portions of, and by that I mean you’ll get 2-3 times what you want unless you’re an absolute pig, idly watching people come through the door, as I do, when in walks a dude who looks awful familiar. And he did, because Jason is an old friend from both the high school and college days! Hell, he was even a Bushido Brother with me and Matt. :)

That was pretty neat, because while you run into people in those various kinds of work fairly often, particularly ones you’ve met IN that line of work, but it’s the first time something so unexpected happened. It was really cool catching back up. Jason mentioned that he’d looked for me recently, but hadn’t found anything. I guess it didn’t help that I moved a lot further out from home than most folks usually do. I’m a lot harder to find, being way over here instead. :)

4 Responses to “It’s A Small World”

  1. Gubert Says:

    It is a small world! When I have met my group mates abroad (considering people from my country don’t travel much) my husband told me I was hallucinating 😉

  2. Robert Says:

    Ok…but that’s only a 2 1/2 flight. This was the other side of the world, Robuli!

  3. eagl Says:

    I get that all the time in the USAF, especially running into old Academy classmates. It’s cool.

  4. Robert Says:

    Yeah, the military itself is an even smaller community, much less you Academy types. :)

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