Murder, She Wrote

Happened to glance at this on AFN as I was walking by yesterday.  Come on, why isn’t this show called “Murder, She Committed”?

Jessica Fletcher is a mystery writer who goes around solving murders.  IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) tells me that there were 264 episodes of this show.  I have always been struck by the coincidence:  somebody gets killed every episode, or at least most of them.  Let’s assume some 200+ murders over some 12 years with a single linking factor, that of a mystery writer.   Jessica Fletcher is an evil criminal supergenius of the highest order!  Not only does she kill all these people, but she frames someone else for it each and every time!

Hiding under that friendly, harmless old lady mask is a monster of the horriblest sort, ladies and gentlemen.  Make no mistake!

3 Responses to “Murder, She Wrote”

  1. Dax Says:

    I disagree, and I see no correlation. I am getting ready to publish a script called “Date Rape, He Wrote,” and it took me 17 years to put it together (I began writing this in college). The hero of my script is a well-hung P.I. named Rudolfo “The Roofy” Salazar. He is a Georgia Tech grad who helps various beautiful women in finding these monsters. They end up enlisting his help because they feel like he is the only one they can trust, even though they only went out with him just once. In each and every episode, he does not rest until he finds the black guy that did it.

    I was going to send this script off for editing and approval. But, thanks to your mindless conspiracy theory, I will have to wait 3 more years before anybody can read it.

    Thanks for nothing Judas!!!

  2. Robert Says:

    I’d put more of an A-Team spin on it though. “If you need help, and you can find him” and “wrongfully imprisoned” will help flesh it out.

  3. Dax Says:

    Perfect. And, of course, they are all innocent. And, to show a more humanitarian side to them, how about they ride around in a black van with no windows requesting the assistance of children in helping them find the rightful owners of that lost puppy? They might even be able to get Macaulay Culkin to do a cameo.

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