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Strange Things You Might See in Japan I

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Here are a few interesting signs you might run into in Japan.

Please Don’t Stay Here

Come and visit, but for Pete’s sake leave!

Toilet Sign

Special needs toilets — only 1 legged headless women or otherwise normal headless men allowed.

Restroom sign

 While it may be in the depths of the parking lot, it WAS actually aboveground, at least.

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Japan Gallery Added

Friday, February 1st, 2008

As you may not, not long ago (ok, we’ve been back 2 months almost!) we were in Japan on vacation. We had a great visit, saw some wonderful places and met awesome new friends. I finally sorted through the 1400+ pictures I took, culled the no-good / not useful ones, edited the rest, and distilled the best into their current form in the 2007 11 Japan gallery.

We went to Tokyo:



We went to Nikko:


…where we were on TV…

Me and the TV People

One mustn’t miss Mt. Fuji…

Mount Fuji

Went to Kyoto…

Kyoto Golden Pavillion

Met (not et) some deer in Nara…

Guli Meets A Deer In Nara

Saw the floating torii at Miyajima…

Miyajima Torii

Visited Hiroshima…

Hiroshima Peace Memorials

Marvelled at Himeji Castle…

Himeji Castle


And then we left, which was a bit of a drag, but isn’t it usually?

Check out the 2007 11 Japan gallery.

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