Strange Things You Might See in Japan I

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Here are a few interesting signs you might run into in Japan.

Please Don’t Stay Here

Come and visit, but for Pete’s sake leave!

Toilet Sign

Special needs toilets — only 1 legged headless women or otherwise normal headless men allowed.

Restroom sign

 While it may be in the depths of the parking lot, it WAS actually aboveground, at least.

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Back from Japan

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Well, we’ve made it back and are enjoying being at work again. If it wasn’t for being able to come back to work, vacation could go on forever! I took approximately 1419 pictures before the “why do you exist?” deletions started occurring. I haven’t had the chance to get through too many of them yet, but the upside is that most of my notes were actually written out instead of being notes, so a possibility exists that I may actually generate a trip report out of this. (We’ll see. :) )

We had a great time but should have taken a few more days. Several places cropped up where we thought “hey, we’d really like to see that” but were unable to due to lack of time. We ran in to several old friends and Uzbeks, some of whom were both. We made several new friends as well, which is always nice. Japan was very polite and friendly overall and quite a nice trip, which I highly recommend to anyone who can make it. It was much easier to get around than we had expected, though there were a few small snags here and there, but none were very bad.

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