Duststorm Sounds So Innocuous

Oh, by the way, we’re back from Uzbekistan again. I’m working on the pics right now, but this seemed like a good day to make a post. Also, remember to switch your email subscription, because I’m turning the old one off Real Soon Now.

Lots of Dust

It’s kind of dusty out today; the worst I’ve ever seen.

Even inside the office, the lucky are weary breathing masks. They’re a bit small for my face, but this storm is worse than the last big one last week, which was pretty rough, even inside.

It is visibly dusty inside; however it doesn’t show in pictures very well. Outside, it IS just that orange. I haven’t edited these pics at all. Headlights turn a bright blue shade, and are visible maybe as far as 50m in the mist. The vehicle itself won’t show up until about half that distance.

This building that you can not quite see is about 40m away. I could not actually see it when taking this picture, but I do know where it is. :) If you look closely, you can see the outline of the aluminum building, the darker shapes of the hescoes around it, and a tallish tree to the right.

This place blows.

7 Responses to “Duststorm Sounds So Innocuous”

  1. eagl Says:

    I thought that last one was a cow eating grass…

  2. Robert Says:

    No, we have no cows and precious little grass. There is a monkey in one of the pictures, though.

    Long time no hear, dude. :)

  3. eagl Says:

    Been busy. New job (still USAF instructor pilot but now I’m a supervisor) and new baby, a 6 wk old boy named William. Our idea of a really cool vacation is pawning the kid off on my Dad so we can go to the gym for an hour together.

  4. Robert Says:

    Well congrats! Whereabouts are yall at these days?

  5. eagl Says:

    Still at Sheppard AFB. Flying the mighty T-37, but I’ll be transitioning to the new T-6 in August.

  6. Robert Says:

    That’s where you were at pre-Korea and England, right?

  7. eagl Says:

    Yup. This is a return trip.

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