I’m In Dubai

Monday, January 10th, 2005

…and obviously therefore still alive.

I’m probably going to break down the posts into shorter blocks, as otherwise you will not see any for months! My usual pattern was to take leave, and wait for a few months after I got back to post anything. That would appear to be impractical now. Smile

So, here I am quite coincidentally in Commie Central of Dubai. Spot The Commie is almost no fun at this point. I had an amusing time at the Uzbek Consulate today working on a visa. You’ll see it later, and rest assured it has earned a Title With All Caps. Err..starting with all caps. Sorry for the confusion to the pedantic among you. And me.

Prolly here for a week, though hopefully less. Ikromonjon is on the case!

PS – Sounds like they have a lot of incoming here, except they don’t. My perceptions have been altered. I’ll be okay in a few days prolly. I haven’t embarassed myself anymore than you would already expect me to have though.

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