International Day of the Ninja

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Today, as Day of the Ninja, is your opportunity to experience a day full of ninjocity. It’s too bad we couldn’t have still been in Japan on this day, but them’s the breaks I guess. While I don’t expect to see too many men in black running around here, you can participate to the fullest extent of your nonja (non-ninja) ability by taking a look at the below links:

Day of the Ninja

From Day of the

Check out these Day of the Ninja Links:

The Big Four

  1. Official page – This is the page to send all your nonja-friends to so they can learn how to be ninja (for a day).
  2. Day of the Ninja store – Purchase official Day of the Ninja merchandise.
  3. Ask a Ninja event planning wiki – Use this page to plan events and, later, to post photos of those events.
  4. Ask a Ninja vlog – Learn about the true origin of the Day of the Ninja.


Step 1: Become a ninja:

  • How to make a ninja mask out of a t-shirt
  • How to make a paper shuriken
  • Check out ninja websites
  • Buy an Ask a Ninja DVD
  • Buy Ninja Burger stuff
  • Step 2: Take the Ninja Quiz:

    I heartily recommend subscribing to the feed over at Ask A Ninja. Every week or two they come out with another Ask A Ninja video and they are very entertaining and done with a lot of style and creativity.

    Don’t let the Pirates have all the fun!


    We just got back from Japan and I saw a ninja! He was trying to be clever and be a secret ninja, but as he turned away I caught him!

    A Ninja On A Boat

    Now, on the other hand, later in Himeji we’d see a few more obvious ninjas. It was a terrible shame we couldn’t catch them on video sneak-walking through the crosswalk, that was awesome!

    Ninjas In Himeiji

    Ninjas In Himeiji

    Ninjas In Himeiji

    These guys really made my day. I look forward to killing them soon!

    (except they’re in Japan and I am not anymore, so they’re safe for now.)

    (as far as THEY know, that is…)

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