Some Oz page updates

Friday, November 16th, 2007

I got to looking at some stuff and realized there were a few gaps in the Ozymandias information. Sometimes I wonder if I should spin that off into something of it’s own but for now I was content with just adding some stuff. I used to have another page on the old website, so long ago, with information on some of the pretend-Ozymandias folks on the net at the time. There were a whole lot less back then. Check out The Other Ozymandias with some details on what’s out there now, some of which is fairly surprising.

Ack! I just noticed that some of these pages are a lil’ off in Internet Explorer. I hate IE sometimes, on account of it sucks. I pretty much stick with Firefox, as it’s a much better browser.  I’ll try and work on cleaning that up here before too long.

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