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I’ve got a large chunk of the posts from the old site imported finally. It takes a while, particularly as I had to re-link all the images and cut/paste the original comments in. It was interesting to read and remember what was going on then living in the camps in Uzbekistan and Iraq. The format is certainly much easier to read and it’s easier to navigate, since you can look by category (primarily Iraq, Uzbekistan, and Camp Life) or by timeframe. See the sidebar along the right, going down towards the bottom. Note that posts can be in multiple categories — for example Camp Life covers most of the stuff from living on base, and will have another category for location as well, that sort of thing.

The remaining items at the old site are primarily Trip Reports, which have their own sort of hierarchy here and will be moved over as time, energy, and interest permits. Basically, all the work and less of the play is here right now. 😉

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  1. eagl Says:


    I have a friend working in krapblakistan and he’s considering switching to a job with an open-ended 3 month cycle (2 in country 1 back home) in either someotherstan or Iraq, currently unspecified which of the two or if it will even remain the same location.

    What should I tell him? I thought your story about nearly pulling an Elvis might be appropriate, along with the picture of the car parts on the roof of your bunker, and the story about diving off your chair when the car backfired…


  2. Robert Says:

    I think you’re going to see a change in how that all works shortly, so it’s hard to say and depends on what kind of work you’re actually dealing. I’m not sure on the car parts on the roof thing…are you talking about our shell and shrapnel collection on the porch?

  3. eagl Says:

    There was a picture with what looked like a car alternator… That might have just been the collection.

    He’s doing UAVs… Dunno if that matters.

  4. Robert Says:

    I’d imagine UAV work would be “stay on base” for the most part, which random indirect fire and potential travel mishaps aside is pretty safe.

  5. eagl Says:

    Well, for my part I’m boycotting granular silicon entirely just to be on the safe side. Indirect fire my ass, I want to be able to see the mofo that’s trying to kill me.

    That’s why I’m going back to my old job as a primary flight instructor at Sheppard. I can look my would-be-killer in the eye because he’ll be sitting right next to me.

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