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Murder, She Wrote

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Happened to glance at this on AFN as I was walking by yesterday.  Come on, why isn’t this show called “Murder, She Committed”?

Jessica Fletcher is a mystery writer who goes around solving murders.  IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) tells me that there were 264 episodes of this show.  I have always been struck by the coincidence:  somebody gets killed every episode, or at least most of them.  Let’s assume some 200+ murders over some 12 years with a single linking factor, that of a mystery writer.   Jessica Fletcher is an evil criminal supergenius of the highest order!  Not only does she kill all these people, but she frames someone else for it each and every time!

Hiding under that friendly, harmless old lady mask is a monster of the horriblest sort, ladies and gentlemen.  Make no mistake!

Back from Japan

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Well, we’ve made it back and are enjoying being at work again. If it wasn’t for being able to come back to work, vacation could go on forever! I took approximately 1419 pictures before the “why do you exist?” deletions started occurring. I haven’t had the chance to get through too many of them yet, but the upside is that most of my notes were actually written out instead of being notes, so a possibility exists that I may actually generate a trip report out of this. (We’ll see. :) )

We had a great time but should have taken a few more days. Several places cropped up where we thought “hey, we’d really like to see that” but were unable to due to lack of time. We ran in to several old friends and Uzbeks, some of whom were both. We made several new friends as well, which is always nice. Japan was very polite and friendly overall and quite a nice trip, which I highly recommend to anyone who can make it. It was much easier to get around than we had expected, though there were a few small snags here and there, but none were very bad.

International Day of the Ninja

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Today, as Day of the Ninja, is your opportunity to experience a day full of ninjocity. It’s too bad we couldn’t have still been in Japan on this day, but them’s the breaks I guess. While I don’t expect to see too many men in black running around here, you can participate to the fullest extent of your nonja (non-ninja) ability by taking a look at the below links:

Day of the Ninja

From Day of the

Check out these Day of the Ninja Links:

The Big Four

  1. Official page – This is the page to send all your nonja-friends to so they can learn how to be ninja (for a day).
  2. Day of the Ninja store – Purchase official Day of the Ninja merchandise.
  3. Ask a Ninja event planning wiki – Use this page to plan events and, later, to post photos of those events.
  4. Ask a Ninja vlog – Learn about the true origin of the Day of the Ninja.


Step 1: Become a ninja:

  • How to make a ninja mask out of a t-shirt
  • How to make a paper shuriken
  • Check out ninja websites
  • Buy an Ask a Ninja DVD
  • Buy Ninja Burger stuff
  • Step 2: Take the Ninja Quiz:

    I heartily recommend subscribing to the feed over at Ask A Ninja. Every week or two they come out with another Ask A Ninja video and they are very entertaining and done with a lot of style and creativity.

    Don’t let the Pirates have all the fun!


    We just got back from Japan and I saw a ninja! He was trying to be clever and be a secret ninja, but as he turned away I caught him!

    A Ninja On A Boat

    Now, on the other hand, later in Himeji we’d see a few more obvious ninjas. It was a terrible shame we couldn’t catch them on video sneak-walking through the crosswalk, that was awesome!

    Ninjas In Himeiji

    Ninjas In Himeiji

    Ninjas In Himeiji

    These guys really made my day. I look forward to killing them soon!

    (except they’re in Japan and I am not anymore, so they’re safe for now.)

    (as far as THEY know, that is…)

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